ANS Managed Patching

What is Managed Patching?

Our Managed Patching Service is a technical service focused on ensuring a consistently configured environment that is secure against known vulnerabilities in the operating system. Being up to date on patches protects against serious vulnerabilities, which helps maintain service uptime and protects data too.

This managed patching offering will provide you with a service which utilises a number of mature toolsets to ensure patch compliance of server endpoints across cloud and on-premises infrastructure, as well as access to our experienced governance and compliance team to tailor-make workflows for scheduling and handling automated patch distribution to servers.

Empowering you through our service.

This service will enable you to:

Leverage ANS expertise

We remove the need for specialist skills, training and third-party tooling as well as software upgrades, freeing up the time and effort required to manage data protection holistically, so your team can focus on business value tasks. Plus, we’ll keep you in the loop with service performance reports during your monthly Service Management Reviews.

Increase uptime
Adopt next generation tooling

Key Considerations.


Can you be sure your entire estate is up to date and patched to the latest versions?

24x7 coverage

Do you have a ‘round-the-clock’ service for emergency patches and changes?


What exposure do you think that your organisation has with your current patching solution?


What is your current budget? Would you benefit from a PoC trial?

Get maximum value from your service

Compatible Services

We take a high-touch approach to service management across all of our managed services to provide you with a consistent experience regardless of the service consumed.

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