Leading UK courier provider drives forward cloud strategy with Microsoft Azure VMware Solution

A leading courier expert company has partnered with ANS, leading provider of digital transformation and managed cloud services, to provide an Azure VMware Solution (AVS) Accelerator that will initiate their journey into cloud and modernise their IT operations.

A nationwide courier had ambitious plans for business growth and recognised that moving to cloud would allow them to scale as the business grows.

ANS will provide an Azure VMware Solution that will enable them to seamlessly move VMware-based workloads from their data centre to Azure and integrate their VMware environment with Azure. The teams will continue to manage their existing environments with the same VMware tools they already know while modernising their applications with Azure native services.

Leveraging the flexibility and scalability Azure enables, the IT team will be able to proactively spend more time on business value tasks, including exploring data use cases and becoming a data driven organisation.

“We chose ANS because they were determined and forward-thinking, it was clear they had a desire to work together. The technical teams are always there with the answers when we needed them. They are truly a trusted partner and have outstanding credibility with Microsoft.”

ANS CTO, Joe Wolski added, “Our customer is taking an exciting step into cloud, and we look forward to seeing where it takes them on their digital transformation journey. Azure VMware Solution is a great solution for any organisation that is ready to take their first steps into cloud and we look forward to partnering with them.”

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