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Data is Not Just an IT Problem
Posted 22 Oct 2021
When data is used effectively it empowers organisations to make decisions based on facts, trends, and statistical numbers. With data volumes growing exponentially, it’s now becoming increasingly more difficult to locate and surface the right information to be able to make better decisions about strategy and growth.
4 mins read
How recruiters can win more candidates with cloud-based technology
Posted 14 Oct 2021

One thing everyone knows about the recruitment industry is that it’s competitive. With an ever-increasing number of recruitment companies out there, the need to gain an edge over the competition has never been greater. Standing out in what is often a saturated marketplace is tough, with recruiters facing a constant battle to try and streamline […]

4 minute read
How to protect your university & students with intelligent threat detection & response
Posted 11 Oct 2021
Higher Education institutions face a constant and growing number of sophisticated cyberattacks and with more universities moving to online learning as a result of the pandemic, the challenge is now even greater.